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Migration code of conduct
We aim to provide the finest Migration advice service through zealous representation, personal attention and professional diligence. The firm's principles are:
  • Delivering high quality personal service;
  • Adhering to the highest standards of excellence and integrity; and
  • Performing work in a timely manner.
The Migration arm of the firm is headed by an accredited Migration Consultant, Gordon Sheeran MA, LLB, MARN 0639194.
Australia has a tightly controlled and regulated migration regime. This approach ensures quality and helps orderly diversification of the Australian population base which in turn helps to enrich the country. The number of visas is limited but the applicants are many. Getting a permanent Australian visa is extremely complex. Our professional advice will maximise your chances of success; however, it is no guarantee. Our work involves liaison, with different agencies, study of various rules and regulations, back testing of options and submission of a watertight case to the authorities. We believe you will have a pleasant experience dealing with us; we shall leave no stone unturned to maximise your chances of migration to Australia.